Yoga offers many benefits for the mind and body .

In today’s article we would like to present you the essentials for yoga exercises.Firstly,every yoga lover knows how the importance of clothes.
How clothes are an important element during exercises?

The task of various types of sports clothing is to ensure proper comfort during physical activity. The fabrics used in the production of sports clothes differ in their properties. Therefore, the type of material used in the production of sportswear is closely related to its intended use, from the type of sport practiced. It is worth getting to know the properties of those clothes that we choose for training to be comfortable and functional. Here are three of the most popular fabrics from which sports clothes are sewn.


Is usually the basic material of training clothing.
Spandex is often added to polyester, which makes the garments fit better and more flexible. Polyester is used to make leggings, training shirts, sports underwear, as well as sweatshirts and pants.

There are a few basic elements that should be distinguished by high-quality materials:

  • Good drainage of water to the outside.
  • You do not feel damp and unpleasant cold.
  • high resistance to sunlight.
  • Does not lose color.
  • high resistance to mechanical damage or stretching durability of the material.
  • resistance to chemicals.
  • Easy to remove any stains


Secondly.The main component of thermoactive underwear
Like polyester, it is a synthetic material. Its undoubted advantages are:

  • lightness
  • no moisture absorption
  • excellent thermal insulation


Perfect for everyday use and for light training
Natural and very comfortable cotton is also one of the most commonly used materials for the production of sports clothes .T-shirts.Sweatshirts and shorts. It will be perfect and completely safe for sensitive and allergic skin. Cotton is light, airy and very pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately, its disadvantage is that it absorbs water. Therefore, cotton training t-shirts will be perfect for light training – yoga, pilates, walks. In case of intense workouts, the cotton T-shirt will become damp and unpleasant.

However, the most frequently chosen option for exercises among women are.
Push up pants perfectly shape the body. They emphasize the buttocks and optically slim the legs.

Secondly perfectly fitted top.

Lastly .Comfortable, loose-fitting shorts are the most popular among men.

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